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JKIMSU, Vol. 6, No. 3, July-September, 2017

Table of Contents

1. Ophthalmological Pointers to Hepatic Disorders in Children.
Aniruddha Ghosh, Jaydeb Ray, Maya Mukhopadhyay, Roshan Lal Rana (page no. 1-9)

  1. Phenotypic and Genotypic Detection of AmpC Enzymes in Clinical Isolates of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia.
Nahid Hoseini, Iraj Sedighi, Amir Sasan Mozaffari Nejad, Mohammad Yousef Alikhani (page no. 10-18)
  2. Trends of Antibiotic Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Obtained from Clinical Specimens.
Hadi Sedigh Ebrahim-Saraie, Hamid Heidari, Reza Khashei, Fatemeh Edalati, Yalda Malekzadegan, Mohammad Motamedifar (page no. 19-30)

3. Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Emblica officinalis (Amla) on Glucose Homeostasis in Rats Fed with High Fat Diet.
Pallavi S. Kanthe, Bheemshetty S. Patil, Manjunatha R. Aithala, Kusal K. Das (page no.31-37)


4. Prevalence and Psychosocial Consequences of Infertility among Rural Residents of Vijayapur Area of Karnataka.
Vidya V. Patil, Rekha Udgiri  (page no. 38-47)


5. Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnant Women from Rural Area of Latur District of Maharashtra, India.
Jyoti Jojan, Milind Davane, Chandrakala Dawle (Patil), Basavraj  Nagoba (page no. 48-54)


6.Prevalence of Oral Mucosal Lesions in Patients with Dermatological Diseases Attending Tertiary Care Hospital in Central India.
K. M. Shivakumar, Vidya Kadashetti, Minal Chaudhary, Swati Patil, Madhuri Gawande, Alka Hande (page no.55-61)


7. Alcohol Metabolizing Gene Polymorphisms as Genetic Biomarkers of Alcoholic Liver Disease Susceptibility and Severity: A Northeast India Patient Based Study.
Tarun K. Basumatary, Ramie H. Begum, Moumita Bose, Manash P. Kalita, Anjan  K. Saikia, Sujoy Bose (page no. 62-75)


8. Clinical, Laboratory and Etiological Profile of Community Acquired Pneumonia in Elderly.
Anand P. Ambali, Shruti S. Kolli, Mallanna S. Mulimani (page no.76-83)


9. Prevalence of Gynaecological Morbidity and Treatment Seeking Behaviour among Married Women in Rural Karnataka: A Cross Sectional Survey.
Lida Mathew, Ansuya, Lakra Alma Juliet Francis
(page no. 84-93)


10. Morphometric and Histological Analysis of 'Spondylosis Deformans' of Thoracic Region in South-Indian Cadaveric Spines.
Naveen Kumar, Ashwini Aithal P, Swamy Ravindra S, Arijit Bishnu, Satheesha Nayak B, Mohandas Rao K.G (page no. 94-102)


11. Brucellosis: Seroprevalence, Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Veterinarians.
Smita S. Mangalgi, Annapurna G. Sajjan, Shivajirao T. Mohite (page no. 103-109)




1. Bilateral Tubercular Lung Abscess in a Diabetic Female.
N.S Neki, Gagandeep Singh Shergill, Amritpal Singh, Alok Verma (page no.110-114)


2. Seromucinous Cystadenoma of Ovary – A Rare Case Report.
Savitri M. Nerune, R. M. Potekar, Varsha Deshpande (page no. 115-117)


3.Kimura's Disease: A Case Report and Review of Literature.
Manish Swarnkar, Anand Agrawal (page no. 118-120)


4. All that Curves is Not Effusion.
Suhas H. S, Ketaki Utpat, Unnati Desai, Jyotsna M. Joshi (page no.121-124)


5.Xanthogranulomatous Appendicitis: A Rare Case Report.
Nikhil M. Mehrotra, Surekha U. Arakeri (page no.125-128)


6.Meningomyelocele Repair in a Premature Newborn with Hydrocephalus: Anaesthetic Confronts and Management.
Sandhya Ghodke, R.N. Hiremath, Sumeena Basundra
(page no. 129-133)


7. Primary Psoas Abscess in an Immunocompromised Patient Caused by Streptococcus intermedius and Escherichia coli.
Sunayana M. Jangla, Sofia C. Patel, Bhupesh S. Machhi, Susan Cherian (page no. 134-139)


8. Goldenhar Syndrome: Review of Literature and A Case Report.
Anusha Rangare Lakshman, Subhas Babu G., Renita Lorina Castelino, Chaithra Kalkur, Nilofer Halim (page no. 140-143)

  9, Hepatic Vein and IVC Thrombosis in Liver Abscess.
Venkatraman Indiran (page no. 144-147)

10. Successful Outcome in a Rare Condition in Pregnancy - Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura - Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: A Case Report.
Babita Vaswani, R. P. Patange (page no. 148-150)

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