JKIMSU, Vol. 4, No. 1, January-March, 2015

Table of Contents
  India’s Quest towards Food Security.
Prema Ramachandran
(page no. 1-7)

1. Opportunities for Cervical Cancer Prevention in India
Smita Joshi, Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan (page no. 8-17)


2. Effectiveness of Pranayama on Depression in Elderly
Kannan K, Lalitha.K, Ramachandra, Sailaxmi Gandhi, Naveen Kumar C (page no. 18-27)

  1. Detection of Polyomaviral Large T Antigen in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Carcinoma Tissues.
Sina Arabshahi (page no. 28-33)
  2. Cytokine Expression in Homozygous Sickle Cell Anaemia
Nnodim Johnkennedy, Meludu Samuel C, Dioka CE, Martin Ifeanyichukwu, UkaibeNkiru, Ihim Augustine (page no. 34-37)
  3. Workstation Related Anthropometric and Body Composition Parameters of Indian Women of Different Geographical Regions
Inderjeet Singh, Shweta Rawat, Lalhmunlien R. Varte, Dhurjati Majumdar (page no. 38-44)

4. Occupational Health Hazards of Women Working in Brick Kiln and Construction Industry
V. G Vaidya, M. S Mamulwar, S. B. Ray, R. Beena, P.V. Bhathlawande, S. Ubale, S. (page no. 45-54)


5. Good Mental Health Status of Medical Students: Is There A Role for Physical Activity?
Deepthi, Ashakiran S, Thota Venkat Akhilesh, Mohan Reddy (page no. 55-63)


6. Fibularis Tertius Muscle: Cadaveric Study in Indians
Jadhav Surekha D, Ambali Manoj P, Patil Raosaheb R, Doshi Medha A, Roy Priya. (page no. 64-69)


7. Comparative Efficacy of Deferiprone, Deferoxamine and Combination of Deferiprone and Deferoxamine on Serum Ferritin Value in Beta-Thalassemia Patients
Nargesbeygom Mirbehbahani, Azam Jahazi, Haniye Mohsenkhah Amlashi, Naser Behnampour (page no. 70-76)


8. Analysis of Gastric Juice in Acid Peptic Disease
Prasad V. Khodke, Z. G. Badade , N. L. Vyas , Kavita N. More. (page no. 77-87)


9. Survival Analysis of Duration of Exclusive Breast Feeding Using Life Table and Hazard Function
Thakur N. A., Holambe V. M., Wadagale A.V. (page no. 88-94)


10. Estimation of Stature from Foot Dimensions and Stature among South Indian Medical Students Using Regression Models.
Rajesh D. R., P. Chikkara, V. K. Chhoker, Abhishek Singh, S. S. Qadri, Yogesh Kumar. (page no. 95-99)


11. Study of Incidence, Risk Factors and Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Acinetobacter baumannii in a Tertiary Care Hospital.
Vijaya S Rajmane, Shivkumar T Rajmane, Shivaji T Mohite. (page no. 100-104)


12. Influence of Haemodialysis on Susceptibility of Red Blood Cells to Peroxidation.
Surekha B Khedkar, Vijaya A Haldankar. (page no. 105-108)


13. Investigation of an Outbreak of Hepatitis‘E’ in a Rural Area of Dhule District in Maharashtra.
Tambe M.P, Patil S.P, Dravid M, Bhagwat V.R (page no. 109-114)


14. Association of Obesity and Cardiometabolic Syndrome in Bank Employees: A Cross Sectional Study. 
Sanjeev S. Walvekar, Jeevan G. Ambekar, Basvaraj B. Devaranavdgi (page no. 115-122)


15. Nursing Students Perceptions about Traditional and Innovative Teaching Strategies– A Pilot Study.
Sailaxmi Gandhi, Mythili D, Thirumoorthy A . (page no. 123-129)


1. Peer Tutoring As a Remedial Measure for Slow Learners in a Medical School
Ray (Arora) Suranjana, Ray Ujjani, Ray Manas Kanti (page no. 130-134)


1. Subdeltoid Bursa Tuberculosis with Rice Body Formation–A Case Report
Santosh L. Munde, R.C.Shiwach, Anil D. Gulia, Hemlata T. Kamra, Swaran Kaur (page no. 135-138)


2. Friedreich’s Ataxia – A Clinical Diagnosis
Md. Fekarul Islam, Devdeep Mukherjee, Ritabrata Kundu, Joydeep Das (page no. 139-141)


3. .Mantle Cell Lymphoma of Intestine Presenting as Multiple Lymphomatous Polyposis with Intussusception
Meena Jadhav, Rashmi Patil, S. K. Kittur, S. N. Satihal (page no. 142-147)


4. Ulcerative Uremic Stomatitis - Review of the Literature and A Rare Case Report
Shantala Arunkumar, Rajeshwari G Annigeri, Shakunthala GK (page no. 148-154)



5. Meckel's Diverticulum as a Conduit in Abdominal Mesothelial Nodular Hyperplasia due to Cancer Stomach: a Case Report
D. Srinivasan, SreeRamulu P. N., Sangamesh1, Harish Kumar. G, Prashanth K. Dhannur (page no. 155-157)


6. An Interesting Journey of an Endobronchial Foreign Body - A Case Report
Chetana R. Ratnaparkhi, Kajal R. Mitra, Ameya M. Kulkarni, Sandeep A.Dhote, Vijaya R. Kamble, Prashant M. Onkar (page no. 158-160)


7. Dandy Walker Syndrome with Unusual Associated Findings in a Fetal Autopsy Study
Surekha U Arakeri, Himanshu Mulay (page no. 161-163)


8. Primary Bilateral Fallopian Tube Adenocarcinoma - A Case Report
Jaya Manchanda, Pankaj Pande, B. R. Yelikar, Bhaswanth Pottipati (page no. 164-166)


9. Aspergilloma of Infra Orbital Nerve in an Immunocompetent Female: A Case Report
Pradeep A. V,  Arunkumar J. S., Shankargouda H. Patil, Shibani V. Anchan, Santosh S. Garag (page no. 167-171)


10. A Rare Anterior Abdominal Wall Defect: Omphalocele - A Case Report
Sandeep Vilasrao Pakhale, Prafulla Sahebrao Dakhane. (page no. 172-176)




1. Role of Teachers in Quality Enhancement in Higher Education
Basavraj S. Nagoba, Sarita B. Mantri (page no. 177-182)


2. A Rare Case of Invasive Gastric Candidiasis Causing Perforation and Peritonitis
Agarwal Ruchi, Kamra Hemlata, Rana Parveen, Verma Sanjay (page no. 183-184)


3. Ocular Geotrichosis.
Rohini Suryawanshi, Shantanu Deo, Milind Suryawanshi
(page no. 185-187)


4. Disposal of Bio-medical Waste in India.
Yuvraj Dilip Patil
(page no. 188-192)

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