JKIMSU, Vol. 2, No. 2, July-Dec. 2013

Table of Contents
  Origin and Management of Stress.
Madhav Krishna Kolhatkar (page no. 1-5)
  Role of Copper and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) on Endometrial Angiogenesis.
Yousef Rezaei Chianeh, Pragna Rao. (page no. 6-17)
  1. Early Primary Endoscopic Realignment of Posterior Urethral Injury-Evaluation and Follow-Up.
Prasad Mylarappa, Puvvada Sandeep, Prathvi, Kailash B Banale, Amey, Amith, D. Ramesh (page no. 18-23)
  2. Evaluation of Right Iliac Fossa Pain with Reference to Alvarado Score – Can We Prevent Unnecessary Appendicectomies?
P. D. Gurav, N. N. Hombalkar, Priya Dhandore, Mohd. Hamid (page no. 24-29)
  3. Baseline Titre of Widal amongst Healthy Blood Donors in Raichur, Karnataka
Abdul Kaleem Bahadur, B. V. Peerapu (page no. 30-36)
  4. Antioxidant and Cardioprotective Effect of Coconut Water against Doxorubicin Induced Cardiomyopathy.
Nnodim Johnkennedy, Dike-Ndudim Joy, Elendu Humphrey Ndubueze, Nwagbaraocha Melvina, Egbuobi Richard, Onyeze Vitus
(page no. 37-41)
  5. Effectiveness of Conversational Skill Training of Patients with Schizophrenia
Padmavathi N, Lalitha K and Parthasarathy R. (page no. 42-47)
  6. A Profile of Fitness Parameters and Performance of Volleyball Players
Govind B. Taware, Milind V. Bhutkar, Anil D. Surdi (page no. 48-59)

7. Use of Ketamine in Refractory Bronchospasm- A Study of 20 Cases
Vinayak Kshirsagar, Minhajuddin Ahmed, Sylvia Colaco (page no. 60-68)

  8. Study of Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Status in Preeclampsia
Anjum Sayyed, Alka Sontakke (page no. 69 -76)
  9. Diagnostic Efficacy of Modified Coagglutination Test in the Diagnosis of Human Brucellosis
Smita S Mangalgi, Annapurna Sajjan, Mohite Shivaji T. (page no. 77-82)
  10. Study of Changes in Knowledge of Primary Health Care among Medical Interns Attending the Community Medicine Posting
Shekhar Padhyegurjar, Kiran Makade, Manasi Padhyegurjar, Gladius Jennifer (page no. 83-88)
  11. Relationship of Length of Clavicle and Crown-Rump Length
Anjali Gosavi, P. R. Kulkarni (page no. 89-93)
  12. Assessment of Knee Joint Proprioception in Weight Bearing & in Non-Weight Bearing Positions in Normal Subjects
Madhavi V Lokhande, Jaimala Shetye, Amita Mehta, Medha V Deo (page no. 94-101)
  13. Current Status of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices towards Healthcare Ethics among Doctors and Nurses from Northern India - A Multicentre Study
Mukul Chopra, Anu Bhardwaj, Prassana Mithra, Abhishek Singh, Adiba Siddiqui, Rajesh DR (page no. 102-107)

1.Prevalence of Self Medication in an Urban Slum Area in Maharashtra
Saritha Susan Varghese, P. M. Durgawale, Philip Mathew (page no. 108-110)

  1.Xanthogranulomatous Oophoritis- A Rare Inflammatory Lesion
Mahesh H Karigoudar, Anirudha V Kushtagi, Rashmi M Karigoudar, Anilkumar Sirasagi (page no. 111-115)
  2. SNODGRASS Procedure – A Versatile Technique for Various Types of Hypospadias Repair
Hombalkar N. N., Gurav P. D., Dhandore P. D., Parmar R. R. (page no. 116-122)
  3. Tuberculous Mastitis: A Case Report
Gopal A. Pandit, Sunita S. Dantkale, Nisha V. Thakare, Smita S. Pudale (page no. 123-126)
  4. An Anomalous Branching of Coeliac Trunk
Jadhav Surekha D., Zambare Balbhim R., Gosavi Shilpa N. (page no. 127-130)
  5. Intestinal Duplication Cyst Mimicking As Mesenteric Cyst with Associated Ileal Atresia Type III A
Surekha Arakeri, Anilkumar Sirasagi (page no. 131-133)
  6. Small Intestinal Multiple Lipomatous Polyps: A Cadaveric Case Report
Pranita R. Viveki, Hukkeri V. B. (page no. 134-137)
  7. Joubert Syndrome - A Case Report
Bandichhode S. T., Anitha M. S., Anand Pandav (page no. 138 -140)
  8. Lingual Tuberculosis Clinically Resembling as a Neoplasm - A Case Report
Smita S. Shete, Jayashri A. Khiste, Nandkumar M. Deshpande, Gopal A. Pandit (page no. 141-143)
  1. Interpathy Research In Healthcare System – Does It Really Help? .
Nagoba B. S., Selkar S. P., Nagrale A.V. (page no. 144 -147)
  2. Sacral Chordoma - A Rare Case Report with Brief Review of Literature
Nabaneet Majumder, Abdul Wahid Ayubi, Deepak G. Paricharak, Seema S. More (page no. 148-150)
  3. Medico-Legal System in Sexual Assault Cases in India
Yuvraj Dilip Patil (page no. 151-154)
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