JKIMSU, Vol. 2, No. 1, Jan-June 2013

Table of Contents
  Emerging issues in applications of Geographic Information systems to data in Public Health Systems in India.
Sanjay Mehendale and Vasna Joshua.(page no. 1-3)
  Treating Lead Toxicity: Possibilities beyond Synthetic Chelation.
Venkatesh Thuppil, Shambhavi Tannir.(page no. 4-31)
  1. Evaluation of Random Blinded Re-Checking of AFB Slides under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in Solapur District. Swapnil Vishnu Lale(page no. 32 - 44)
  2. Epidemiological, Clinico-Pathological Profile and Management of Colorectal Carcinoma in a Tertiary Referral Center of Eastern India.
Shyamal Kumar Halder, Prosanta Kumar Bhattacharjee, Partha Bhar, Anadi Pachaury PGT, Ranu Roy Biswas, Tapas Majhi, Pranjal Pandey. (page no. 45 - 50)
  3. Quality of Life of Head and Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Cancer Specific Treatments.
Prima Jenevive Jyothi D’Souza, Jyothi Chakrabarty, Sulochana B, James Gonsalves. (page no. 51 - 57)
  4. Maternal Mortality – A Challenge?
Varsha N. Patil, M. A. Shinde, Meenakshi Surve, Shital G. Sonone (page no. 58 -61)
  5. Study of Variations in the Divisions, Course and Termination of the Sciatic Nerve.
A. D. Shewale, R. R. Karambelkar, B. N. Umarji .(page no. 62 - 68)
  6. Management of Ureteric Calculi in Dhule (North - Western, Maharashtra).
Sangamesh B. Tondare, Ashish V. Patil-Rawandale, Anjali M Chitale, Lokesh Patni, Mahesh B Tondare. (page no. 69 - 76)

7. Patterns of Anemia in Geriatric Age Group. Saurabh R Shrivastava, Surekha B Hippargi,
Anand P Ambali, Balasaheb R Yelikar (page no. 77 - 81)

  8. An Epidemiological Study in Cases of Urothelial Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder in a Tertiary Care Centre.
Ranu Roy Biswas, Sristidhar Mangal, Debasish Guha, Keya Basu, Dilip Karmakar (page no. 82 - 88)
  9. Common Menstrual Problems among Slum Adolescent Girls of Western Maharashtra, India.
Mohite RV, Mohite VR, Kumbhar SM, Ganganahalli P (page no. 89 - 97)
  10. Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module on Knowledge and Skills Regarding Use of Glasgow Coma Scale in Neurological Assessment of Patients among Nurses Working in Critical Care Units of KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Belgaum.
Marian Teles, Preeti Bhupali, Milka Madhale..(page no. 98 - 104)
  1. Asymptomatic Proteinuria and Hematuria in School Going Children
Prakash M. Patil, Surekha B Hipparagi, Kumar Sharad Sinha, Vijaya M. Sorangavi.(page no. 105 - 108)
  1.Primary Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma of the Uterus manifesting as a Leiomyoma: A Unique Presentation with Review of Literature.
Sergei Tatishchev, Alice Lee, Richard Natural, Janneth Y. Romer, Rajan Dewar. (page no. 109 - 116)
  2. Lepromatous Leprosy of Prepuce- A Case Report.
Sachin A. Badge, Alka Gosavi, Nayan A. Ramteerthkar, Kalpana R. Sulhyan.(page no. 117-119)
  3. Odontogenic Fibromyxoma of Maxilla: A Case Report.
CD Mounesh Kumar, KV Suresh, Praveen Reddy B, KV Umashankar. (page no. 120 - 124)
  4. Subareolar Tubercular Abscess - A Rare Case Report.
Anirudha V Kushtagi, Kumar Sharad Sinha, Prakash M Patil, Anilkumar Sirasagi. (page no. 125-127)
  5. Primary CNS Lymphoma in Seropositive Child.
S. U. Chakre, S. T. Bandichhode. (page no. 128 - 131)
  6. Cytological Diagnosis of Small Cell Carcinoma of Vagina - A Diagnostic Dilemma
Savita S. Shettar, R. M. Potekar, Mahesh Kumar U., B. R. Yelikar. (page no. 132 - 135 )
  7. Uterus Like Mass of the Uterus: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature
Medha P. Kulkarni, Yasmin Altaf Momin, Bhakti Dattatraya Deshmukh, Kalpana Ranjitsingh Sulhyan. (page no. 136 - 139 )
  8. Cerebellar Infarction and Migraine: Uncommon Presentation of a Common Disease
Vikram Hirekerur, S. V. Patil, S .P.Valsangkar. (page no. 140 - 144 )
  1. Comparison of Whole Blood Culture and Blood Clot Culture for the Diagnosis of Enteric Fever.
Peerapur B V, Smitha S. (page no. 145 - 146)
  2. Interactive Karyotyping Training.
Ashwin Kotwaliwale. (page no. 147 - 154)
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