Vol. 1, No. 1, Jan-June 2012

Date of Publication: 1st January 2012
Table of Contents
  Oral Smokeless Tobacco Use with Special Reference to India.
Asha K. Pratinidhi (page no. 1-3)
The Editorial Policy on Conflict of Interest- A Major Issue for the Indian Medical Journals,
Kusal K. Das (page no. 4-5)
  1. Future of Lead Chelation – Distribution and Treatment. Venkatesh Thuppil,
Vasuki S Kaushik (page no. 6 - 23)
  2. Infertility and Environment.
Siddhartha Chatterjee (page no. 24 - 29)
  1. A Study of Various Factors Determining the Quality of Acute Flaccid Paralysis Surveillance of Beed District.
Swapnil Vishnu Lale. (page no. 30 - 37)
  2. Acute Poisoning With Organophosphorus Pesticide: Patients Admitted to A Hospital in Bijapur, Karnataka.
Indira Hundekari, A. N. Surykar, N. N. Dongre, D. B. Rathi. (page no. 38 - 47)
  3. Multidrug Resistance and Phage Pattern of Staphylococcus Aureus in Pyoderma Cases.
Sanjay M. Wavare, Sarita N. Kothadia, Mangala P Ghatole (page no. 48 - 54)
  4. Seroprevalence of Brucellosis Among Blood Donors.
Smita S. Mangalgi, Annapurna Sajjan, Mohite S. T. (page no. 55 - 60)
  5. Antifungal Activity of Some Natural Essential Oils Against Candida Species Isolated From Blood Stream Infection.
Amit Kumar, Suresh Thakur,Vishal Chand Thakur, Ajay Kumar, Sandip Patil, M. P Vohra. (page no. 61 - 66)
  6.Membrane Stabilizing Activity & Protein Denaturation A Possible Mechanism of Action for the Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Phyllanthus Amarus.
Atul R. Chopade, P. M. Somade, F. J. Sayyad (page no. 67 - 72)
  7.Protein Thiols in Essential Hypertension Patients.
Jagadish. B. Ingin, Rashmi Sinha, Sharanabasappa M. Awanti (page no. 73 - 76)
  8.Preparedness of Prospective Nurses to Work as Midwives in Hospital and Community.
Pratibha A Chandekar (page no. 77 - 83)
  1. Fermenters in Human Infections with Special Reference to Acinetobacter Species in A Tertiary Care Hospital from North Karnataka.
P. K. Parandekar, B. V. Peerapur (page no. 84 - 88)
  2. Reduction of Spirometric Lung Function Tests In Habitual Smoking Healthy Young Adults: It’s Correlation With Pack Years.
Sumangala M. Patil, Mahesh J. Patil, Manjunatha Aithala, Nilima Dongre (page no. 89 - 94)
  1.Papillary Adenoma of Kidney - An Incidental Autopsy Finding: Report of Two Cases
Bhakti D. Deshmukh, Alka V. Gosavi, Medha P. Kulkarni, Nayan A. Ramteerthakar, D. N. Lanjewar (page no. 95 - 98)
  2. Cytologic Diagnosis of Metastatic Seminoma in Neck Nodes as Initial Presentation - an Interesting Case Report.
Sabera Tamboli, Shobhana Agashe, Pramila Patil (page no. 99 - 101)
  3. Assimilation of Atlas in Indian Dry Skulls.
Surekha D Jadhav, Manoj P. Ambali, Raosaheb J. Patil, Megha A. Doshi, Priya P. Roy (page no. 102 - 106)
  4. Disseminated Tuberculosis with Strongyloides Stercoralis Infestation.
Maya Patil, Shilpa Aditya Pratinidhi (page no. 107 to 112)
  5. Adult Type – Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Childhood: A Case Report and Review of Literature.
Dhiraj B. Nikumbh, J. V. Wader, V. Y. Kshirsagar, S. R. Desai, J. K. Khedkar Shamima, Jagtap S. V (page no. 113 - 117)
  6. Non-Syndromic Multiple Impacted Supernumerary Teeth with Concomitant Hypodontia – A Rare Entity.
Nilesh M. Patil (page no. 118 - 121)
  7. Esophageal And Gastric T-Cell Lymphoma: A Rare Entity.
Raja Shekhar R, Sappati Biyyani, Manoj Kumar Bupathi, Amy Soloman, Annette Kyprianou (page no. 122 - 126)
  Role of Oxygen- Ozone (O2-O3) Injection in Discogenic Pain.
Asmita P. Karnalkar, Pratap B. Karnalkar (page no. 127 - 131)