JKIMSU, Vol. 5, No. 1, Jan-Mar, 2016

Table of Contents
  International Yoga Day.
Geeta Pardeshi (page no. 1-4)

Urinary Incontinence in Elderly.
N. S. Neki
(page no. 5-13)


1.Study of Insulin Resistance and Dyslipidemia in Psoriasis Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital, South India.
Doddarangaiah R. Shivanand, Srikrishna R
(page no. 14-19)

  2. Bacteriological Spectrum of Post Operative Orthopedic Implant Infections and Their Antibiogram.
Satya Chandrika V, Surya Kirani KRL (page no. 20-26)
  3. Effect of Occupational Exposure on WBC Count and Oxidative Stress in Rice Mill Workers.
Praveen S. Patil, Manjunath Aithal, V. M. Pujari, Kusal K. Das (page no. 27-31)

4. Study of Testicular Geometry and Resistivity Indices Before and After Hydrocelectomy in Unilateral Idiopathic Hydrocele.
Manish Swarnkar, Samir Bagasrawala (page no. 32-36)


5. Physicians’ Perceptions about the Emergence of Adolescent Overweight in India.
Shailaja Patil, J. Ports, M. C. Yadavannavar, S. A. Cunningham (page no. 37-44)


6. Incidence, Risk Factors and Susceptibility Profile of Candida Species Isolated from Blood of Non-Neutropenic Medical Intensive Care Unit Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre.
V. S. Rajmane, S. T. Rajmane, S. T. Mohite, V. C. Patil, M. P. Ghat (page no. 45-53)


7. Evaluation of Different Sitz Bath Methods as a Treatment Modality in Acute Anal Fissure.
S. P. Dubhashi, K. J Parmar, I. Rege (page no. 54-60)


8. Homotypic Cell Cannibalism and Cannibalism Index-A Four Year Study in Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Breast.
Alok Mohan, Pradeep Sharma, R. K. Thakral (page no. 61-67)


9. Immediate Effect of Shavasana on Cardiac Output and Systemic Peripheral Resistance in Untrained Young Adults.
Sharad Jain (page no. 68-73)


10. Combination of Midazolam and Butorphanol for Sedation for Tympanoplasty under Monitored Anaesthesia Care.
Vinay Dhakate, Amol Singam, Sanjyot Ninave, Ishan Bansal, Punit Upadhaya (page no. 74-81)


11. Seropositivity and Risk Factors of Hepatitis B in Maharashtra, India.
Satish R. Patil, S. S. Patil, R. V. Shinde, G.S.
Karande, H. V. Patil, P. M. Mane (page no. 82-90)


12. Effect of Kangaroo Mother Care on Growth and Morbidity Pattern in Low Birth Weight Infants.
Keerti Swarnkar,
Jayanta Vagha (page no. 91-99)


13. Economic Dependency and Depression in Elderly.
Charchit P. Mehta, A.V. Desale, V.A. Kakrani, J. S. Bhawalkar (page no. 100-109)


14. Estimation of Lead (Pb) in Toys Using X-Ray Fluorescence Technology.
Sandipayan Dutta, Smriti Srivastava, Soma Panda, Devesh Thakur, Dhiraj Pokhrel, Thuppil Venkatesh (page no. 110-115)


1. Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Breast – Real versus Mimic.
Ananya Kaul, Megha Joshi, Lucy Kapur, Clarence Owens, Monika Roychowdhury (page no. 116-119)


2. Multifocal Carcinoma of Oral Cavity: A Case Report.
Anilkumar L. Bhoweer, Sudarshan Ranpise (page no. 120-125)


3. Cryptogenic Multifocal Ulcerous Stenosing Enteritis: An Exceptionally Rare Disease.
Amandeep Kaur, Ramesh Chavan, Ranjit Kangle, Bhagyashri Hungund    (page no. 126-129)


4. Mesenteric Microcystic/Reticular Schwannoma: A Diagnostic Dilemma.
Sandhya S. Ware, Dilip S. Sarate, Ajay D. Jungare, Vinod K. Sawaitul  (page no. 130-133)


5. A Rare Case of Wegener’s Granulomatosis Mimicking Tuberculosis in a Child.
Rohit Bannerji, Avijit Mandal, Monjori Mitra, Jaydeb Ray (page no. 134-137)


6. Extranodal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma of Base of Tongue – Diagnosis by Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology.
Jaya Manchanda, Ritu Gogia, Abhishek Tiwari (page no. 138-140)


7. Glomangioma on Right Forearm - A Rare Case Report.
Santosh L. Munde, H.T. Kamra, Kulwant Singh, Swaran Kaur, Parveen Kundu (page no. 141-144)




Combined Non Transecting Anastomotic Urethroplasty with Buccal Mucosal Augmentation for the Management of Segmental Urethral Strictures – A Retrospective Study.
Puvvada Sandeep, Arvind Nayak K, Prasad Mylarappa, Avinash B.
Patil, D. Ramesh (page no. 145-150)

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