JKIMSU, Vol. 6, No. 1, January-March, 2017

Table of Contents
  Relevance of Vascular Sciences Research.
Kusal K. Das (page no. 1-2)

Vertigo in Elderly-Common but Complicated.
N. S. Neki, Amritpal Singh, Gagandeep Singh Shergill, Amanpreet Kaur (page no. 3-9)

  1. Bioactive Compound Rich Indian Spices Suppresses the Growth of β-lactamase Produced Multidrug Resistant Bacteria.
Eadlapalli Siddhartha, Vemula Sarojamma, and Vadde Ramakrishna
(page no. 10-24)
  2. Influence of β-tricalcium Phosphate on the Biomechanical Dynamics of Healing of Experimental Defect of the Compact  Bone.
A. Korenkov (page no. 25-32)

3. Quality of Life in Geriatric Population in a Community Development Block of Kishanganj, Bihar, India.
Somenath Ghosh, Gautam Sarker, Krishnadas Bhattacharya, Ranabir Pal, Tushar Kanti Mondal (page no. 33-41)


4. Assessment of Causes and Clinical Symptoms of Menorrhagia and Its Co-relation with BMI in Western Nepalese Women – An Observational Study.
Farhat Banu, Upendra Pandit, Shakil Ahmad, Grisuna Singh (page no 42-48)


5.  Prospective Comparison of Pressor and Airway Responses to IV Esmolol and IV Dexmedetomidine during Emergence from General Anaesthesia and Extubation.
Malvika Prasad Tendulkar, Sanjot Sudhir Ninave (page no 49-56)


6.  Control of Intraoperative Shivering Under Spinal Anaesthesia- A Prospective Randomized Comparative Study of       Butorphanol with Tramadol.
Astha Palan, N.K Agrawal (page no 57-65)


7. To Study the Activity of Paraoxonase-1 and High-Density Lipoprotein-cholesterol in Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis.
Pooja Nemagoudar, Padmaja Nikam, Shashikant Nikam, Naren Nimbal (page no 66-71)


8. Utility of NS1 Antigen for Diagnosis of Dengue Virus Infection.
Pramod S. Manthalkar, B.V. Peerapur (page no 72-75)


9. New Methylene Blue Stain for Malaria Detection on Thin Smears.
Himanshu D. Mulay, Teena D. Murthy, Savitri M. Nerune, Amrutha M. R page no (76-81)


10. Thrombocytopenia during Pregnancy and Its Outcome - A Prospective Study.
Pallavi S. Vishwekar, R. K. Yadav, Coneel B. Gohel (page no 82-89)


11. Self Medication: Predictors and Practices among Rural Population of Nellikuppam Village, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu.
Kalaivani Annadurai, Selvasri S, Jegadeesh Ramasamy (page no 90-98)




1. Dyskeratosis Congenita Associated Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonia.
Unnati D. Desai, Jyotsna M. Joshi (page no 99-103)


2. Unusual Alveolar Pattern in Node Based Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma.
Archana C. Buch, Jay Y. Sheth, Sunita A. Bamanikar, Aditi A. Pandey (page no 104-108)


3. Oncocytoma of Parotid Gland.
Meena N. Jadhav, Rekha M. Haravi, Kittur S.K. (page no 109-111)


4.  Large Pseudocyst of the Adrenal Gland: A Radiological Pathological Correlation.
Abhishek Dwivedi, Satveer Choudhary, Vikram Trehan, Narender Yadav, K. Leela Kanth (page no 112-116)


5. Mature Cystic Teratoma of the Fallopian Tube – A Rare Case Report.
Manjula P. Biradar, Praveen Biradar (page no 117-119)


6. Conventional (Adult Type) Hemangiopericytoma of Thigh in Association with Arteriovenous Malformation and Epidermal Inclusion Cyst: A Rare Combination, At an Unusual Site.
Neelam Sood, Kumar Sharad Sinha (page no 120-126)


7. Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Arising in Fibroadenoma and Associated Proliferative Mammary Disease in a 38 Years Old Female-A Rare Case Report.
Hemlata T. Kamra, Swaran Kaur, Mukesh Sangwan, Ruchi Agarwal, Sanjay Verma (page no 127-131)


8. Adrenal Myelolipoma Associated with Cholelithiasis - A Rare Case Report.
R.M. Potekar, Shefali Goyal (page no 132-134)

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